Converse 2

God interacts with many people, and all types of people!  

On this page He is speaking to you!  Will you include Him in your thoughts, too?

Read about what God does, why, how, when, where, and to whom..... 

GOD does this, even today! >>>>

Meets with people, Abraham and Sarah, and shares His thoughts and considers your ideas in planning Gen 18:1- 33 

Pulls us out of trouble - Gen 19:10-29 Lot

Corrects us gently when we are wrong - Gen 20:1-18 - Abimelech

Warns us not to do wrong - Gen 4:5-7 Cain

Comforts us in our despair - Gen 21:14-21 Hagar -

Asks the impossible, then blesses us - Gen 22:1-18 Abraham - Josh 5:13-27 Joshua -

Hears our cries and rescues us - Ex 3:7-10; 6:1 Pharaoh -

Hears our cries, approaches us, and leads us to freedom - Jud 6:1 - 8:28 Gideon -

Talks to people about their troubles - Gen 4:5-7 Cain - Gen 15:1-6 Abram - Gen 16:6-14 - Hagar - Gen 21:11-13 Abraham -

Makes our impossible hopes come true - Gen 21:1-7 Isaac - 1Sam 1:9- 2:1-11 -

Explains Himself Gen 1:18; 2:24 3:14-15;17-19 to Adam and Eve

Does things personally for us Gen 3:21 Made outfits

Talks and walks with people Gen 5:18-24 Enoch

Reveals His plans to people ahead of time Gen 6:13; 8:21-22 Noah - Gen12:1-4; 13:14-18 Abram - Gen 37:5-11 Joseph -

Helps people accomplish goals and tasks Gen 6:14-22; 7:1-5; 8:15-17 Noah - Gen 24:12-67 chief servant - Ex 3 & 4:1-17 Moses

God wrestles with us - Gen 32:22-32 Jacob

Comes to us when we have done wrong - Gen 28:10-22 Jacob -

God remembers us - Gen 8:1 Noah

God tells instructions - Gen 9:1-7 Noah -

Makes Covenants with people and He fulfills them Gen 9:8-17 Noah - Gen 15:7-21 Abram - Gen 17:1-22 Abraham

Comes down to our level - Gen 11:5-9 Babel 

Gives us strength in times of adversity - Gen 37:2328; Gen 45:4-11 Joseph - 1Sam 17:1-54 David -

The Lord God speaks so you know His thoughts (us verses) and others.

The Lord God speaks with His children. Adam, eve, Enoch, Noah, Abram, Sarah, etc thru.. Jesus, through to you and me who have the indwelling Holy Spirit.

The Lord God prepares place for His children before they enter the place. Noah with Genesis 6:8 - 9:17 and with Jesus in heaven (John 14:2,3). 

Bring be bask to Converse.


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